Welcome to Koschny's NEO space.

NEOs - near-Earth objects - are asteroids which come close to the Earth. Some of them may impact our planet.

On this page I provide useful information for students of my course 'NEOs for engineers and physicists' at the TU Munich - and hopefully everybody else who is interested in this topic. The lecture is an introduction to the topic of NEOs. After an overview, I give information on how to observe asteroids, how to predict whether they could impact our planet, what the effects of an impact would be, and how we prepare for such a case.

Use the menu bar on the left to navigate to the different pages. You will find pages with the latest course viewgraphs. Under 'useful stuff' you will find related presentations giving more background, and some Python scripts to compute things discussed in the course. The 'links' page connects you to other useful resources.

dvk, 22 Sep 2019